Donaldi, 10 years old

Hello Donald!

Donald turned 10 years old in July. There was a big party in his house, and though he understood little, he was happy. His mother, Pranvera, tells us that her husband came on purpose from Greece, where he works. They bought a cake with his picture, but Donald could not even try it so his mother prepared him a cake with milk. "This was the first year we celebrated the boy's birthday because he has finally started to show signs of improvement ... as if at least he could have tried out the cake we bought him..." says Pranvera.  

Donald does not speak or walk. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was only 3 months old. For the parents, the pain was great as Donald was their first joy. Pranvera tells us that it took them years to accept it. “Even though the doctors let us know, we waited for him to talk, walk or at least stay seated,” she said. But none of that happened.  

Today, Donald is 10 years old and can't do anything. But Pranvera still has hope.

Donald has started following them around the house and laughing from time to time. "One day he was sitting on the sofa and laughing. I didn't understand why. Then he started laughing again and looked out of the window. He was telling me that the rooster was singing and he was enjoying it. I took him in my arms, hugged him tightly, and said in his ear: “Mom's heart I understand! Mom will sit you down by the window every day, and when the heat drops, she will take you out to see the rooster. He laughed again. I said to myself: “Thank you God” - Pranvera narrates in tears of joy.  

She is completely devoted to him: she feeds him, washes him, and sends him messages that he likes very much. “I rub his feet when I take him for a bath, I keep him in the washtub for an hour. It calms him down a lot”- says Pranvera.  

Donald has never received the specialized service he needs because it takes more than 30 minutes to get to the nearest centre, and also, they cannot afford it. His mother cannot hold him in her arms for that long. The van from their village, Xhyrë, to the town costs 40 Albanian Lek. They live with the money their father brings from emigration. He goes every 3 months and with that money, they can only provide basic food. "Donald needs sedatives and diapers. We spare nothing for him but these are all we have. We would give the world, if we could, for him” says Pranvera.  

Our latest study showed that 70,000 children with disabilities live in Albania and 92% of them do not receive the services they need. For Donald and these children to have the opportunity to live a decent life, World Vision has launched the social program “Hello…life”.

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