Emanueli, 4 years old

“I want my son to get better, at least to say 2 words, or to be able sit on a chair...I’m not asking for him to walk... I would go to the end of the world only to have my son healed!” – says Mira, about her son, also her first child.

Emanuel was only 3 months old when he was diagnosed with encephalopathy. Today he is 4 years old, and due to the serious illness, he cannot speak, walk or sit... Mira says that the most beautiful moments are those when he follows them with his eyes and smiles from time to time.

The little one needs physiotherapy and speech therapy. She carries him in her arms, and together they get down and take the van to the city, to the service centre.  From Skroska, the village where they live, it takes about 1 hour to get to Librazhd. After Emanuel finishes the therapy, with him in her arms, she goes to take the van to drive them back to the village. When they are lucky, they wait at the station for 1 hour, but there are cases where they wait for 2 or 3 hours … “His favourite toy is a small car, the only one he can carry in his hands- says Mira. That is sufficient for Genta, the little girl with cute eyes to come. She dries away her mother’s tears and kisses “Lali”, the name she calls her brother with. It seems like her caresses give him life.

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