Emiljano, 2 years old

Hello Emiljano!


“He was not skilled like the first two children, and he would not move like them and not even make sounds. In the beginning, I did not want to accept it. I could not believe it that my son was born with problems. Then, with time, I had no other solution”- the grieving mother says of the smallest in the family.

Emiljano is two years and a half old, has thick half-curly hair, long eyelashes and deep eyes. He is very connected to his mother and sister, Sarina. He was diagnosed with encephalopathy and he needs physiotherapy and speech therapy. “The doctors have said that if he continuously attends physiotherapy sessions, he could be able to walk. I even dream about him being able to walk.” – his mother says. She will hold him in her arms and together they walk a long distance to the van that drives them to the city. There, Emiljano undergoes the therapies he needs.  They can go there 2 times a week, but not more due to distance and high transportation costs, which are difficult challenges for them. “I don’t want to him to stop the therapy because he is improving. He has started to call me now. Mom- he says...He follows me with his look in every step”- his mother confesses.

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