Klajdi, 11 years old

“When he was 3 weeks old, one night, he started crying and sobbing non-stop. We did not sleep that night at all...The next day in the hospital the doctor said that it was paraplegic... I do not know very well. Then we went to Tirana. Even there we did some medical tests. Then we returned to the village...I don’t know...since then we have taken the boy only to the family doctor”- Klajdi’s mother says.

To date, there is no clear diagnosis for the boy. All these years, he has been living isolated from others. He never went to school. However, he likes very much to meet new people. Klajdi is very kind and smiling. His look follows his mother and brother constantly. “He likes very much to go out here at the balcony and look at the landscape. I carry him in my arms” – Ligjëria says, while by caressing him she calls him “mom’s bunny”. They live in Hotolisht, a village of Librazhd. The only one who works in a family of six members is Klajdi’s father.

Klajdi needs a medical check up to have a clear diagnosis set and then be able to get specialized services.

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