Oligerta, 14 years old


Oligerta, is 14 years old. When she came to life, she went through a very high fever, which caused her delayed development. At least doctors have given that diagnosis so far. She does not speak, does not react to anything, and does not move any limb. She is fed like a baby of a few months, only with milk.

Oligerta is the biggest concern for her parents. They had dreamed of a girl after giving birth to three boys. "Here in the village, people love girls for housework. “I just want her to stand up for herself, that's all I want," says her mother.

 Oligerta is ‘tied’ behind a bed forever. She does not know any of the family members; she does not know her mother, nor her grandmother, who stands by her side every hour, nor the three brothers who see her with great pain, nor her father. She only knows the pain her illness causes. Severe epileptic seizures overwhelm hem from time to time. "She is just shaking. My soul breaks. "She can't tell me what hurts to her," says Besim, her father.

Besim has worked in emigration to Greece for a long time. "This girl is the pain of my life. I could not save her. "I did as much as I could," he says. Besim tells us about his daily battles, to provide for his family. He does not say it directly and clearly, but it seems that he is tormented by a big problem: The family benefits a pension around 30 thousand ALL per month from the misfortune that has befallen him that helps them provide the basic family needs. Noble Besim has no way of accepting this. How can a family be saved from a great deal of trouble?


Our latest study showed that about 70,000 children in the country live with a disability and 92% of them do not receive the basic services they need. In order for Oligerta and other children to be able to receive specialized services, we have launched the "Hello…life" program, which provides visits and services for children with disabilities, in the most remote areas of the country, in their homes.

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