Soni, 11 years old

Soni was able to walk when she was 3 years old. Since then he crawls on the floor...” – says Lina.

They live in Xhyra village- Librazhd, together with a family of 6 members. Vilson is 11, but he is very shy. With the persistence of his relatives, his mother Lina took the boy to the doctor. Soni needed medication because his body was very weak.

After the treatment, he started to walk. “He could walk, but he would get tired very quickly. Even now he complains a lot”- says Lina. He has constant back pain due to a deformation in it. Soni has not been medically treated for 8 years. The mother says that he wakes up at night and he cries from the pain he feels.

Marioli, the 8-year-old brother says that at school, the other pupils mock him, hit him, push him and that is the reason why he does not like to go there. Soni should have finished fourth grade, but he has gone there only for a few days.

Despite difficulties, Soni has a big dream. “I would love to become a policeman”- he says with low voice.

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